Dubai -A new Destination for the Kosher Traveler

Are you a kosher travel enthusiast? Or maybe you want to spend some time with your family in pampering hotel with great weather and amazing kosher food? Many travelers are experiencing difficulties finding kosher lodgings, restaurants, shops, bakeries,etc. wherever they go on a family vacation or business trip. We mean you do want to enjoy your holidays without compromising your faith, right!

Finding kosher establishments was also a tough task especially when you would travel to places like Dubai. But not anymore! Since the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Bahrain has signed a treaty in September 2020, there is going to be an increase in the number of kosher establishments in these countries especially tourist attractions such as Dubai.

Large hotel chains will want to open kosher restaurant Dubai, lodgings, cafes, and other such establishments. This will make it easy for you to travel to Dubai for a fantastic time. But the bigger question is how will you find such establishments even before you travel to Dubai? You will try to search for such an establishment with a general Internet search, but you don’t want to be duped. And hence, we have searched and found an excellent online platform, namely, Totally Jewish Travel.

Totally Jewish Travel is amongst the very select few web portals that will help you find kosher establishments during your travel in popular tourist destinations. Yes, that’s right! This web portal is exclusively dedicated to helping Jewish travelers like you to find Jewish Observant establishments.

This platform was launched in 1999 and since it has helped several Jewish travelers find kosher places during their travel. It has become a staple for several Jewish travelers to use this platform for planning their travel. Travelling to kosher Dubai just became easy withTotally Jewish Travel.

And that’s not it! You can also use the platform to search for kosher vacation and holiday programs launched by different travel companies. You will find kosher vacation programs not just for Dubai but for other places too such as Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and more. With Totally Jewish Travel, traveling kosher just became super easy!

No more wondering whether you will find a kosher establishment to live and eat on your vacation. Just head over to Totally Jewish Travel and you are all sorted. So, what you are waiting for? Start planning your next kosher vacation with Totally Jewish Travel now.

Check out the platform and contact them to know more.

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