Egypt Tourism After Covid-19 Pandemic

There is no doubt that Egypt is one of the must-visit destinations of all time! It has the oldest human civilization ever which left so many sites and attractions to explore, while many of these sites are yet undiscovered. Egypt like all other countries has suffered because of Covid-19 pandemic, closed its borders, and tourism has stopped entirely. Now, with new safety and health measurements, Egypt has opened its borders for tourist, attractions are opened and Nile cruises operated again to welcome tourist to the land of civilization to witness again the glorious attractions of the ancient Egyptians.

Egypt Fun Tours as a pioneer leading travel agency has updated all its policies to match the new normal, it has also created a sanitizing system and measurements for all its clients and staff to keep everybody healthy and safe.

Exploring our website at is a great way to find information and book your Egypt tours, as we have prepared an enormous amount to tour options and packages specially designed to meet all your needs and requests whether you are a solo traveler, group traveler, adventure geek, or prefer to travel with friends or family, we got you covered.

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